Session 11/22/09

Session (without mick and joy) 11/22/09:

Vladimir is passed out. Vladimir is supposed to go to the Palmer House Hotel because Martina Tessingopolous. Interrogating Walter Smithe

Vasili is called to come pick up Vlad

Henderson contacted Walter for trial on curing spinal injury.

Walter couldn’t speak to his parents because his healing was a big deal and it wouldn’t go un noticed. It was in the agreement that he couldnt tell anyone.

-Walter is leaking information from Henderson to Blackwell.

Tracy and zhenya are in the hotel holed up. Under attack from Blackwell. Vasili and Race are on their way to provide backup. Kill team from Blackwell was lead by a man with a large sword. All were killed.

Session ends with entire group, badly damaged, at hotel with Vlad in the care of the Tessingopolouses, everyone else is waiting for the doctor.


Maris II

Mick II

Clark II

Session 11/15/09

Session 11/15/09

Tracy and Vasili are going to Walter Smythe’s apartment

Race is investigating henderson properties- they own lots of property in the loop in the city and parent smaller companies.

-after couple of hours man that looks like Walter (parapalegic) walks into apartment building

-Tracy calls Vladimir to ask what to do

*instructed to wait to see if he leaves and now zhenya, vladimir, and race are coming out to the apartment

-we follow walter in the morning to an office industrial park

-he goes into building with security and cant get into the parking lot its so secure

-Vladimir and Zhenya stay and watch the building while race, vasili and tracy go to apartment

-an SUV speeds away in a suspicious way as they walk into the apartment (Joy Got The Tags)

-Race checks it out and its a company vehicle registered to blackwell, henderson is a parent of the parent of a plastic molding company thatwalter drove to.

-Race opens apartment door and Tracy investigates apartment and this is definately the guy with pictures of him handicapped

-Henderson possibly healed him and gave him the ability to walk again.

-They find a document on his computer for his bank information. his bank accounts reveal up until the 4 months ago he was mising he spent alot of money on medical care and it stopped

-he is drawing a 6 figure salary from henderson and has half a million in his bank. fairly obvious he was healed by henderson.

-in the closet Race finds a secret panel and inside is some tactical gear m16 and $10,000 so we steal everything.


The story so far
Everything we have already forgotten

Detective Dan Spitzer – police contact

Toby Franklin – Wants to buy something from an antique store, but not if all the stuff is stolen. Store is called Annie’s Antiques. It’s on the north side of town. Annie Anderson is owner, can’t find any record of her existing prior to five weeks ago. One document has her lawyers information. His college is made up. Got contact information fro Annie by bribing the lawyer. We advised Toby to not shop there. Case is probably closed.

Mario Jump Carver – Stole from payday loans. Homeless and living on the east side. Vasili contacts his ally in the black market and gets the name of Big George, the middle manager drug lord that Jump bought his crack from. He probably used the money stolen from the payday loans. We go to George’s address on the west side. George said that Mario did something bad and angered the dealers. He “will be taken care of.” We found ot the money he stole is counterfeit. Mario is a homeless crackhead. We met with the employer in an alley to check in. He said that he got the money from a bank. Seems like he wanted to use us to launder it. We tried to rough him up. Vasili bashed his head and the employer was knocked out. We stole his clothes, wallet, file, and pushed his car into a river. We left him from in the alley. On the way out we got attacked by the three guys we recognized from the drug lord’s place that we were torturing Mario. They had crazy speed, strength, and healing. Race says they were ghouls (vampire servants.) We killed them. We mentioned ghouls to Martina, from the neighborhood occult bookstore. She said she will keep her ear to the ground. A clean up crew came and made all the carnage go away. They said that the ghouls were after Mario/The Employer and got confused when Vasili walked out of the alley in his clothes. They owe us a favor for not telling everyone. They say to pass along the info to our Henderson contact at occult bookshop.

James and Teresa Smithe – Their son is missing for a while (4 months). They are desperate to find him. Their son, Walter Smithe, is known to be on the Blackwell payroll. When Race hacked into the Henderson pharmaceuticals employment records, he found out that Walter was in the military in the past. He was discharged he was a paraplegic, injured and crippled in the line of duty. He in in the Henderson payroll as well. He is a sales representative there. Henderson is guardian a location. Vasili and Tracy staked it out. They saw Walter go in the apartment. Vlad, Zhenya, and Race joined them in a second car. In the morning we followed Walter to an industrial park. The parking lot security prevented us from following him in. Tracy, Vasili, and Race went back to the apartment to search it. The industrial park is owned by a plastic molding company that is owned by a company that is owned by Henderson. As Tracy, Vasili, and Race approached the apartment an SUV sped away. We got the tags off the car. It belongs to Blackwell. We searched the computer. Walter spent a lot of money on medical supplies until four months ago when he started working for Henderson. He makes six figures, and has at leas a half a million in his account. We found a secret panel in his apartment, in which he stored ten thousand dollars, a gun, and tactical stuff. We took that. We all hid in the apartment. we knocked out Walter, so we could take him and interrogate him. We got shot and Tracy stopped his bleeding. Right as we started to interrogate him, Vlad gets a call from Martina Tessenopolis telling us to go to the Palm house hotel immediately. It’s super famous. Vlad gets woozy and passes out.

Fred Tazwell – Came to use, middle aged professional representing the owner for Henderson pharmaceuticals. Wants us to investigate the security system at Henderson. Right before we do the security sweep, a guy came and tried to bribe use not to search the security. Tried to kill us at the office, as well as attacking Race and Vasili back at the office. We turned down the bribe. When we spoke to Henderson , the want use to investigate the bribe now in additional to the security check. We are not to contact Fred Tazwell in the future, instead updates should go to Martin and Martina Tessenopolos, owners of the the neighborhood occult bookstore. We did a search on Henderson, they do gene therapy research, pharmaceuticals, and other cutting edge stuff. The guy that came in ad tried to bribe use was part of a privates security firm called Blackwell ??? . Large corporate office in Chicago recently. Race hacks in, sees account numbers, they make a lot of money. They have a lot of resources going overseas and Walter Smithe is on the payroll. The company seems to be interested in Henderson Research and Development. They have a big house and apartment complex. Tracy and vlad investigate the Blackwell address. It’s and apartment complex. We both get beat up, but manage to kill four guys before both passing out in a car. The two remaining bad guys abduct us and strap us to operating tables in the basement. Race, Vasili, and Zheyana saved us by rigging automatic doors to kill people and throwing grenades. Broke into security cameras too. We all survive to play another day.


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