Double cross

We finally reached the Palm House hotel. It’s ritzy, five-star, super nice joint. We met with Martina and Martin and a few of their friends. They explained that Vlad awakened as a Mage. They said that based on the squad that hit us, that we are clearly disliked by Blackwell. Blackwell is a puppet corporation run by a rival sect of Mages. If Blackwell hates us this much, they probably aren’t going to stop pursuing us. Martina needed to talk to some higher-ups and sent us to a safe house for some more medical attention. When she returned she said that her clan wouldn’t be able to protect us. They couldn’t afford to bring further attention to themselves. We decide to call in our favor with the Vampires and see if there is anything they can do to protect us from the Blackwell Mages. We set up a meeting at a park at night and explained our situation. It’s the same non-descript guy in a dark suit that we dealt with before (when the ghouls attacked us in the mixup). He was surprised. He apparently wasn’t expecting something so serious. He told us he’d check with his boss and get back with us the next night. The next night we again met him in the park. He took us to a stage theater. In the back office we spoke to a guy with corn-rows and red eyes. This guy explained that we aren’t really owed enough of a boon to get the service we need. We inquired about doing some additional task to help us get enough boon to have protection. Vampires and Mages have an understanding. They don’t mess with each others business. Basically, the only way that the Vampires would protect us from the Mages is if we were Vampires. So the most obvious way to get us out of the situation is to turn us into Vampires. We would be in his debt if he turned us. Tracy, Vasili, and Zhenya decided that they would like to get turned. Race refused, owing to his fear of all things related to death and the undead. It’s illegal to kill other Vampires, and it’s illegal to create new vampires. But our friendly Vampire had some rival Vampires he needs to off, and some pesky witch hunters he’d like to take the fall. So we agreed to kill the three rival vampires and the five witch hunters. Only one vampire had real security, the other two rely on secrecy. The strongest vampire lives in a penthouse with ghoul security. The other two live in a service tunnel in the sewers, and an abandoned apartment. We decided to make it look like the fancy vampire killed the other two vampires and that the fancy vampire framed the witch hunters for those kills. Then all the witch hunters and the fancy vampire died and a final brawl. We split the information needed to kill the fancy vampire from the information about framing the witch hunters. Vlad and Vasili took that information to the witch hunters and asked them to help us kill the fancy vampire. Eventually, they agree to help us. Tracy, Race, and Zhenya stake out the witch hunters while Vasili and Vlad do some dirty work. First Vasili and Vlad went to the fancy vampires highrise. They were able to see into the apartment from a nearby building. Vlad puts an aura around himself, which made himself hard to see. He then got telepathic control over a ghoul. At dawn, Vasili, Vlad, and the ghoul went to visit the vampire in the abandoned basement apartment. Vlad directed the controlled ghoul to go murder the basement vampire with the stake. Unfortunately, Vlad didn’t have enough common sense to make the ghoul be stealthy. So the ghoul woke up the vampire by shooting off the lock on the way in. The vampire promptly ripped the throat out of the ghoul. Vlad magic’ed a wound into the vampire. Vasili maimed the vampire in the head, mostly by removing it. They staked him, and then shot him until he got all pulpy. Vasili and Vlad then went to visit the the vampire living in the sewers. Vlad magic’ed him and Vasili cut him with his crazy s-word. He eventually hacked him in half diagonally. They staked him and messed him up good. Later, at the fancy vampires, Vlad got control over a ghoul, found out that there are four more (inclusive). The ghoul disarmed the alarm. Vasili then murdered the first ghould. Vlad got control of the second ghoul. Vasili failed to kill on the first try but still won the encounter. There were two more ghouls remaining. Vasili and Vlad left these, so that the witch hunters had some amount of opposition. Vasili and Vlad met with the witch hunters and Vasili invaded with them while Vlad sniped from the rooftop of that nearby building. They overcome the remaining two ghouls easily. Zhenya, tracy, and Race came up the stairs to ambush the witch hunters. The witch hunters disable the keypad and enter the vampires room. The witch hunters killed the fancy vampire with only a small wound. Then we kikll the witch hunters easily. Woot!



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