Session 11/22/09

Session (without mick and joy) 11/22/09:

Vladimir is passed out. Vladimir is supposed to go to the Palmer House Hotel because Martina Tessingopolous. Interrogating Walter Smithe

Vasili is called to come pick up Vlad

Henderson contacted Walter for trial on curing spinal injury.

Walter couldn’t speak to his parents because his healing was a big deal and it wouldn’t go un noticed. It was in the agreement that he couldnt tell anyone.

-Walter is leaking information from Henderson to Blackwell.

Tracy and zhenya are in the hotel holed up. Under attack from Blackwell. Vasili and Race are on their way to provide backup. Kill team from Blackwell was lead by a man with a large sword. All were killed.

Session ends with entire group, badly damaged, at hotel with Vlad in the care of the Tessingopolouses, everyone else is waiting for the doctor.


Maris II

Mick II

Clark II



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