Session 11/15/09

Session 11/15/09

Tracy and Vasili are going to Walter Smythe’s apartment

Race is investigating henderson properties- they own lots of property in the loop in the city and parent smaller companies.

-after couple of hours man that looks like Walter (parapalegic) walks into apartment building

-Tracy calls Vladimir to ask what to do

*instructed to wait to see if he leaves and now zhenya, vladimir, and race are coming out to the apartment

-we follow walter in the morning to an office industrial park

-he goes into building with security and cant get into the parking lot its so secure

-Vladimir and Zhenya stay and watch the building while race, vasili and tracy go to apartment

-an SUV speeds away in a suspicious way as they walk into the apartment (Joy Got The Tags)

-Race checks it out and its a company vehicle registered to blackwell, henderson is a parent of the parent of a plastic molding company thatwalter drove to.

-Race opens apartment door and Tracy investigates apartment and this is definately the guy with pictures of him handicapped

-Henderson possibly healed him and gave him the ability to walk again.

-They find a document on his computer for his bank information. his bank accounts reveal up until the 4 months ago he was mising he spent alot of money on medical care and it stopped

-he is drawing a 6 figure salary from henderson and has half a million in his bank. fairly obvious he was healed by henderson.

-in the closet Race finds a secret panel and inside is some tactical gear m16 and $10,000 so we steal everything.




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